Aug 24, 2020|

JD Sends New Computer to a Couple Who Smashed Theirs during a Feuding


by Rachel Liu

JD recently sent a surprising gift to a couple – a computer, to replace one that the wife smashed during a feud with her husband over money.

The story of the couple was originally posted by the wife’s friend on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform similar to Twitter). The husband bought a new TV for his parents living in their hometown without prior discussion with his wife. She found out about it after seeing the order history on JD. The wife was upset and her husband got angry when she questioned him about it. Failing to understand each other’s feelings, the couple started to quarrel and the wife smashed the husband’s computer out of rage.

The incident raised a heated discussion on the Internet. Some think the husband should have informed his wife before placing the order while others say the wife shouldn’t impulsively smash the computer, as they are not a well-off family. Seeing the post, JD decided to send a new computer as a gift to the couple, trying to relieve them from the pressure of buying a new computer and helping repair the couple’s relationship.

“Items have prices, and if an item breaks you can buy a new one; but love is priceless and can never be bought. We would love to provide [the couple] with a new computer for free to encourage them to love their life and their family,” said JD when forwarding the post on Weibo.