Dec 22, 2020|

JD Supports Henan Province on Developing Agriculture


by Rachel Liu

JD launched a special page on products from Henan province on December 16th, as part of the company’s efforts to support agricultural development in Henan.

Products launched on the page include Daokou Roasted Chicken, Iron Bar Yam, Braised Noodles and more, all iconic products from Henan. On December 18th, over 100,000 orders were made on the page. JD also provided flash sales for some of the products to support the promotion. The activity will last until the end of December.

The cooperation is part of JD’s poverty alleviation efforts, as Henan is the third most populous province in China, only next to Guangdong and Shandong, counting a low-income population of over 350,000 and 52 low-income villages.

JD signed a partnership agreement with Henan local government on supporting agriculture in October. A “Henan Pavilion” was soon launched on JD, gathering local fresh products and specialties from each city and county.

In early June, JD upgraded its project to support farmers and the agricultural industry to help build local brands and launch a series of measures. The supporting measures go all the way back to the upstream supply chain, and work with the local brands on rebuilding the channels, brand image and supply chain. To be more detailed, the project includes working on logistics, infrastructure, product packages and more.

JD’s big data can also provide suggestions to local brands and farmers on upgrading their products and local industry. JD hopes to create an iconic product for every county that joins the project.

As of now, mushroom from Xixia county in Henan province, mutton from Kelan county in Shaanxi province, orange from southern Jiangxi province have become popular products under JD’s support.