Sep 9, 2021|

JD to Facilitate SMEs for Upcoming Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Mengyang He

On September 7, JD introduced several measures on marketing, training, loans and more, in supporting SMEs for the upcoming Singles Day Grand Promotion. The goal is to simplify rules, lower entry threshold, and maximize exposure for SMEs.

JD will work jointly with SMEs to facilitate their branding by issuing virtual advertising coupons worth up to RMB 1 million yuan, alleviating the cost of advertising.

Additionally, over 1 million ISV (independent software vendor) coupons will be provided to SMEs. For those whose products are to be stored at JD’s warehouse will be granted advertising subsidies worth more than RMB 10 million yuan. On the marketing side, JD will also help merchants boost traffic by diversifying inflows through SMEs-focused livestreaming channels, short videos, and different incentives.

In order to reduce the burden and lower costs for SMEs, insurance premiums for return shipping fees will also be significantly reduced. The minimum premium for a single order can be reduced from RMB 0.1 yuan to 0.01 yuan.

For loan-related financial products, JD will provide a large number of fee reductions and interest rate discounts to help SMEs solve the problem of capital turnover. Based on merchants’ requests, they can also apply for loans from JD for up to RMB 100 million yuan.