May 18, 2022|

JD Worldwide Launches Fresh Supermarket for Imported Merchandises


by Doris Liu

JD Worldwide, JD’s cross-border e-commerce business, recently launched its Fresh Supermarket, offering customers fresh products from overseas including the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the United States and more.

A significant portion of those brands are sold for the first time through China’s online channels, such as American ice cream brands Ben & Jerry’s and Klondike, as well as Iceland, a British supermarket chain with an emphasis on  frozen foods.

JD Worldwide has reached cooperation with Iceland Foods Ltd to jointly explore a more efficient and innovative cross-border e-commerce cooperation model, so as to enhance the overall richness of fresh products on JD Worldwide. The goal is to offer customers the quality consumption experience of “shopping around overseas well-known supermarkets without leaving home and buying all imported fresh food in one stop”, said a spokesperson of JD Worldwide.

Relying on JD’s advanced capabilities, JD Worldwide shares efficient and comprehensive integrated supply chain solutions with global fresh food brands. Cross-border fresh products have stricter requirements for supply chain and logistics technology due to their short shelf life and high loss rate. With JD’s nearly 80 bonded and overseas warehouses across the world and logistics services reaching over 220 countries and regions, the Fresh Supermarket on JD Worldwide is able to achieve direct sourcing from places of origin to guarantee product quality, and deliver the products from other countries to China’s bonded warehouses, then to consumers with full cold chain delivery.

Any international brand interested in building their business with JD in China can apply via or by emailing