Mar 23, 2020|

JD Worldwide to Help Brands Turn 1000+ New Products into Hot Sellers


by Rachel Liu

In 2020, will help international brands turn over 1,000 new products into hot selling products, and nurture over 3,000 new international brands on the platform.

On March 20th, 2020, JD Worldwide,’s platform for imported products, held an online conference for merchants and announced that in 2020, JD Worldwide will focus on customer growth, developing third-party business and the nurturing of merchants to help more international brands and merchants grow in China.


1000+ hot-selling new products

To introduce more overseas products to JD customers, the nurturing of new brands and merchants will be a focus for JD Worldwide in 2020. Apart from the aforementioned measures, JD Worldwide will help over 100 suppliers to achieve 100 million RMB of sales in 2020. One week of every month will be “JD Worldwide New Product Week”, and will be designated to specifically promote new products.

In 2019, JD Worldwide introduced over 3,000 new brands, and sales of over 1,000 brands more than doubled YOY. On average, more than eight new products were sold on JD Worldwide every minute last year. JD Worldwide has successfully nurtured several new brands in 2019. For example, Korean beauty brand VIDIVICI launched on JD Worldwide in 2018, and during June 18 Sales Festival last year, sales of the brand ranked No.2 among all new products on JD Worldwide. During the 2019 Singles Day Shopping Festival, sales of VIDIVICI increased over 30 times YOY. Behind the rapid growth of the brand is JD Worldwide’s comprehensive suggestions based on JD’s big data, covering brand positioning, pricing, package designing and marketing strategy.


Customer growth

JD Worldwide’s customer growth in 2019 has shown great potential. JD Worldwide customers have been shown to have greater consumption ability, and the platform has more young consumers and consumers from lower-tier cities than in previous years.

In 2020, JD Worldwide will leverage its marketing and operations capabilities as well as premium customer service to boost customer growth. The recently launched “Imported Products Day” campaign on the 15th of each month is a good example of how JD Worldwide can provide better customer experience through marketing. During the past two events in February and March, sales of JD Worldwide have more than doubled YOY.


More support to merchants

Healthy development of merchants is essential for building a platform with rich and diverse choices for customers. In 2020, JD Worldwide will focus on building a healthy ecosystem for merchants. It will launch a more comprehensive after-sale service system and provide special support for merchants that use JD’s fulfillment services.

During COVID-19, JD’s international supply chain system and continuous logistics service has enabled those merchants to continuously supply their products to customers, and some merchants have seen sales increased by over 90%. Now JD has over 1,000 international transportation routes to support overseas merchants.JD’s strong supply chain capabilities have enabled overseas merchants to deliver their products to customers quickly.