Sep 11, 2020|

JDer Lab #1 with Pass Ling Lei: Finding the Best Self in Work Rotations


by Vivian Yang

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about JD, but what is it like to actually be a JDer? Introducing JDer Lab, an in-depth series of casual chats with some of our awesome colleagues.

In our conversations, they tell us why they joined JD, provide a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to work here, and discuss what they are looking forward to

In our inaugural video, Pass (Ling Lei) tells us about his experience building a business from zero to one, why he’s excited about JD’s globalization plans and more.






Pass joined in 2018 as an international management trainee. He is currently heading a team responsible for globalization and innovation projects in the retail sector.

When asked what makes JD unique as an employer, “cultivation and rotation” are the first two words that come to mind for Pass.

“I’ve worked in many global companies… JD invests much more money to train you and give you the chance to become the best of you. The rotation phase can last one or two years, so you can rotate in any department you have a strong interest in, and learn the things you want to learn,” he said.

Pass Ling Lei

Pass Ling Lei 

In describing fellow JDers, he used three words: real, hardworking and family. He said he is very much impressed by how focused people at JD are on their work and how they support each other to achieve collective goals.