Mar 5, 2020|

JD’s Psychological Consultation to Bring Peace of Mind


by Hui Zhang

JD Health, together with the Chinese Psychiatrist Association, set up a psychological consultation platform within the JD app on March 4th, to provide free services to people across China, empowering people from the comfort of their homes.

The platform brings together China’s top psychiatrists, and psychological counselors from hospitals or related institutions to provide psychological assistance and counseling services to people during the COVID-19 epidemic. Patients simply need to type in ‘psychological assistance’ in JD’s app to access the platform. The services will be offered free for six months.

The platform targets everyone from frontline medical staff, to patients with mental disorders and corporate employees, and will provide customized services in accordance with their needs.

  • The platform will provide frontline medical staff with online psychological assistance and counseling services to help them alleviate anxiety brought by long hours working in a high-stress environment.
  • For patients with mental disorders who require regular services will have access to round-the-clock online counseling, follow-up prescriptions, home medicine delivery and other services to maintain their mental health.
  • The platform will also work with corporate employees to offer live-streams given by psychological counselors, on-site psychological counseling and free consultation to help them get back to work.
  • The general public will also have access to live-streams and online psychological consultations.

As early as January 26th, JD Health launched a free 24/7 online consultation platform within JD’s app for people who suffer from COVID-19 related symptoms. The platform expanded its services to cover all diseases on Feb. 6. So far the online consultation platform has offered over 3.3 million free consultations with the number of daily consultations reaching 100,000. Among all psychological consultations, more than 10% come from frontline medical staff.