Apr 7, 2020|

Lieutenant Governor of Hubei:JD Couriers Deserve Appreciation


by Yuchuan Wang and Ling Cao

As of April 6th, JD.com had helped Hubei province, the COVID-19 epicenter, sell over 2,800 tons of fresh food since the launch of JD’s National Fresh Produce Green Channel on February 11th.

Haishan Zhao, the Lieutenant Governor of Hubei province, recently visited JD’s Asia No.1 logistics park in Wuhan. The park during the epidemic supported people’s daily needs and helping local fresh produce go nationwide. Zhao said that JD.com took the initiative to play a leading role in fighting the coronavirus and ensuring the supply of daily necessities, and fully fulfilled its social responsibility. On behalf of the Hubei provincial government, Zhao expressed his respect and gratitude for JD’s dedication. During the recovery, JD has actively addressed the backlog of agricultural products in Hubei to help the economy recover. JD’s “Buy Hubei Goods” campaign has also achieved positive results. He hopes JD will continue raise Hubei up in the future.

On April 1st, JD kicked off a special campaign called “Buy Hubei Goods” across its online and offline channels, partnering with media to fully advertise local produce. At the same time, JD Logistics has provided as high as 20% off for new merchants using JD’s warehousing and delivery service this month.

Employees from “Yuan’an Specialty Mall” on JD platform processing local sweet potato, in Yuan’an, Hubei

Employees from “Yuan’an Specialty Mall” on JD platform processing local sweet potato, in Yuan’an, Hubei

Through the initiatives, Hubei saw sales surge on JD. During April 1st to 6th, JD Fresh sold nearly 1,000 tons of Hubei’s fresh produce, and sales volume increased 445% as compared with the same period last month. The most popular products are oranges, crawfish and lotus root. Sales of potatoes, tea and mushrooms increased the fastest, at 43 times, 21 times and 16 times, respectively.

The "Buy Hubei Goods" zone in one of JD’s 7FRESH supermarkets

The “Buy Hubei Goods” zone in one of JD’s 7FRESH supermarkets

Zhao said that he hopes JD can continuously leverage its advantages in e-commerce and logistics to help counties and cities to build warehouses, ensure safety and integrated storage method for local food, as well as leveraging JD’s capability to help local food build branding and sell out to other cities via a scientific, continuous and collaborative way. “Like doctors and nurses, JD couriers deserves appreciation,” added Zhao.

The lockdown in Hubei province will be lifted on April 8th. JD will continue to use its supply chain and logistics capabilities to help bring local products to consumers across China.


(yuchuan.wang@jd.com; ling.cao@jd.com)