Minnesota Updates

Sep 06, 2018

Q: Can you share any information on what happened in Minnesota with the CEO?

A: Richard Liu was taken into custody on August 31, 2018, by Minneapolis police on suspicion of criminal sexual conduct and released without any charges filed. He was not required to post bail and travelled freely back to China. Mr. Liu has cooperated with Minneapolis law enforcement and is willing to cooperate further if requested. Mr. Liu has returned to work in Beijing and he continues to lead the company. There is no interruption to JD.com’s day-to-day business operations.

Q: Is there an ongoing investigation?

A: We cannot speak for law enforcement authorities in Minneapolis with regard to any investigation, but Mr. Liu has cooperated. Mr. Liu has resumed his work at JD.com and there is no interruption to our day-to-day business operations.

Q: Class action lawyers have tried to solicit shareholders. Can you explain what that means, and have any actions been taken against the company?

A: We are aware that a few class action law firms have publicly announced a desire to represent shareholders. We are aware of no lawsuits being filed against the company and, if filed, we will contest the allegations vigorously.

Q: What impact will this event have on JD.com’s business?

A: The situation in Minnesota did not have and is not expected to have any impact on JD.com’s day-to-day operations. In the meantime, JD.com is committed to running its daily business with undivided focus, and serving our customers and partners around the world.

September 4 Statement
Sep 04, 2018

We were informed that our CEO Richard Qiangdong Liu was taken into custody by Minneapolis police on August 31, 2018. He has been released without any charges, and without requirement for bail. Mr. Liu has returned to work in China.