Jan 25, 2021|

New, Fashionable PPE on JD.com


by Vivian Yang

As wearing and carrying protective gear at all times has become the “new normal” for people under COVID-19, JD has been working closely with partners and manufacturers to provide more customized and stylish PPE (personal protective equipment) products for its customers.

“People need products to light up their lives and show their personal taste,” said a spokesperson at JD Health. “We are tired of carrying a big bottle of disinfectant everywhere. A stylish bottle of hand sanitizer would be a lovely bag accessory, for example.”

Here are some new PPE arrivals on JD.com in this season:

Chinese New Year-themed Facemasks:

2021 is the Year of the Ox on the Chinese lunar calendar. JD Health worked with a manufacturer to produce limited edition facemasks in red, with “2021” and ox-shape sketches, presented in New Year-themed gift packages ahead of the Chinese New Year.

Mask Collaborations with Popular Branded Characters

Mask makers and popular brands are working in collaboration to present more and more custom facemasks such as limited editions with Teddy Bear and The Little Prince, which are favorable collections for kids during the holiday period.

Masks in Mystery Boxes

Masks with 12 zodiac signs packed in mystery boxes join the trend of these boxes in China. The surprising nature of what one gets excites young customers.

Burst Beads: A Mask-Mate for Fresh Breath

Worrying about bad breath while wearing a facemask for a long period of time? The menthol burst beads are made of patchouli and mint essential oil. Customers can put 2 to 3 beads into a mask and press them to activate. The mask allows fresh and healthy breath the whole day.

Mini Perfume Hand Sanitizer

As a must-have in daily life now, expectations for hand sanitizers are mounting, in terms of size, appearance, choice of scent and more. The 40ml no-rinse hand sanitizer mixed package is offered in three floral scents of roses, cherries and begonias. It kills 99.99% of many common harmful germs and bacteria and contains a large amount of moisture for the skin.

Anti-Virus Hand Cream with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Some Traditional Chinese Medicine with herbal components including honeysuckle, forsythia and others are believed to have curative effects on mild and common cases of COVID-19. These components are now blended into hand creams that people can frequently apply to keep its antibacterial effect.