Nov 14, 2018|

Offline Mobile Phone Retailer D.Phone Teams Up with E-commerce Giant

Singles Day, the world’s largest shopping event, is known for online promotions. But one offline player, China’s largest offline cell phone retail chain Beijing Digital Telecom Co., Ltd (D.Phone), tapped into the shopping frenzy with the help of

More than 1,000 D.Phone stores were listed during Singles Day in JD’s innovative “JPASS” system, through which offline brands can provide online users with coupons and promotional discounts at their brick-and-mortar locations. Participation in the system helped boost offline visits and sales for hundreds of thousands of store locations for JD’s retail partners.

To use it, JD’s over 300 million customers could visit the “JD Membership Code” section of the JD app or a specially-designed WeChat Mini-Program, to locate a nearby participating D.Phone store. JD Membership Code provides an independent page for each of the offline stores including information about products and promotions and also presented customers with a QR code that could be used to complete purchases. The combination of online and offline provided more convenience for consumers while giving D.Phone the ability to leverage e-commerce marketing.

Meanwhile, app users could also use an “AR-Scan” feature to scan phones in D.Phone shops during the shopping festival for an augmented reality experience and a chance to win prizes.

Implementing JD’s boundaryless retail solution has accounted for 30% of D.Phone’s sales growth since the partnership began.

“These latest initiatives demonstrate the best of what can offer, not just to customers but for other retailers,” said Chen Lin, head of Boundary less Retail at

“This year’s Singles Day period shows the lines between online and offline retail are blurring, as we enter the era of ‘Boundary less Retail.’ This is our vision of the future of shopping, and we are excited to be able to help offline partners improve their great services to consumers, beyond our own platform.”

The initiatives expand the growing list of benefits offered through JD’s Retail as a Service, or RaaS, strategy, in which it opens its technology and infrastructure to other retailers and industries, leveraging JD’s advantages in smart supply chain and in-store technology. Combining online and offline resources, JD can help traditional stores re-energize their customer traffic levels, which have declined in the age of e-commerce.