Feb 3, 2020|

Photo Gallery-JD: Sparing No Efforts to Support Wuhan Coronavirus aid

JD is sparing no efforts to support the fight against the coronavirus in Wuhan by leveraging our capabilities in logistics, supply chain, technology and healthcare. With our couriers on the frontlines doing daily deliveries to hospitals and medical organizations as well as to regular customers, we are upholding our commitment to our customers to provide a trusted and reliable shopping experience, and to society as a whole.

JD supply chain and logistics support to date

We’ve been transporting medical supplies from all over the country to Wuhan by road, rail, air and other transport modes. As of 6pm on January 31, JD Logistics had transported more than 140 tons of prevention materials to Wuhan via rail.


As of January 30, JD Logistics had received requests by 450 institutions for delivery of material donations to support Wuhan. We leveraged our supply chain capability to deliver masks and medical materials from both business and society. 


As of January 30 at noon, we delivered a total of 12 tons and 70 cubic meters of bathroom construction materials – toilets, washbasins, and faucets – to the Wuhuan Huoshenshan hospital built remarkably quickly in response to the coronavirus.


As of the morning of January 27, through a 16-hour journey, JD Logistics shipped 16 tons of disinfectant solution via train K351 from Shanghai to Wuchang station.


On January 27, JD Logistics delivered over two tons of air sterilizers and hydrogen peroxide from Shanghai and Anhui to Wuhan, all provided to Wuhan hospitals and institutions.


On January 23, JD Logistics has provided health and safety protection for frontline couriers, including masks, vitamin C, and is conducting regular and comprehensive disinfection at delivery stations, ensuring safety throughout our operations.


Frontline couriers

A courageous JD courier and a local doctor work together to rush much needed medical supplies and daily food to hospital in Wuhan to support the fight against the coronavirus.


JD courier prepares to deliver much needed goods to hospitals in Wuhan to support orders from patients and doctors there.


Our couriers, our heroes in red delivering trust across the city of Wuhan.