Apr 24, 2020|

Photo Gallery: This Week at JD (April 20-24)


On April 20th, JD’s Wuhan Asia No. 1 Cargo Fleet won a major award to be given by the Chinese government in recognition of its excellence and support for the people of Wuhan. A total of 15 groups are shortlisted in the anti-epidemic group category, of which JD was the only one representing the logistics industry. The other groups were from the medical, construction industry and charity institutions.


On April 22nd, Richard Liu, JD.com Chairman and CEO announced to donate medical supplies to Chile, including 800,000 disposable medical masks, 200,000 surgical gloves, 20,000 thermometers, 15,000 protective gowns, and 50 ventilators. On the same day, ten JD trucks transported all medical supplies packed in 1,402 boxes to Embassy of Chile in Beijing. Luis Schmidt Montes, the Chilean ambassador to China, gave a thumb-up to Chairman Liu and JD.com’s donation.


JD customers who purchase Huawei P40 cellphones on April 21st and 22nd from JD’s Huawei first party store would have chance to receive green recycling box for the product packaging. The customers may return the boxes to couriers who will then take them back for disinfection and reuse them through the supply chain. JD also partners with China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, Stars Youth Development Center and JD Digits to launch a new round of children’s book donations. All donations go to libraries at rural primary schools.


JD staff at a warehouse in Guangzhou sort medical products procured for Indonesian initiative Relawan Anak Bangsa (Volunteer of the Nation) on April 23rd. The initiative consists of several large-scale enterprises in Indonesia and it will support the government in fighting COVID-19 by donating these medical products through BUMN Foundation to distribute to parties in need. The supplies are expected to arrive in Jakarta next week.


On April 21st, JD.com’s 7FRESH signed a strategic partnership with Fook, a Fujian province-based convenience store chain brand. Under the partnership, 7FRESH will open its fresh food supply chain to Fook to help the local retailer expand its product offering, develop and optimize its online business and realize omnichannel and digitized operations.