Jun 29, 2018|

ReTo Eco-Solutions, Inc. and JD.com Partner in Sustainable Building Push

JD.com, China’s largest retailer, and ReTo Eco-Solutions, a leading provider of comprehensive eco-solutions and one of China’s largest manufacturers of environmentally friendly construction materials, are paving the way for more sustainable development in the country. The partnership announced today comes as the sustainability movement has been picking up steam in China in the last few years, and consumers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints. Through the purchase of products such as ReTo’s signature eco-friendly paving tiles, businesses and individual customers on JD’s e-commerce platform will be able to minimize carbon emissions and ensure that their buildings are energy efficient.

JD and ReTo will collaborate on a range of strategic initiatives, including eco-friendly construction materials, eco-towns, and smart cities, among others. Working with the China Academy of Building Research, the two companies also committed to establishing a joint research program to develop and promote eco-friendly products and technologies.

“We could not have a better partner than JD in our ambition to ensure that the buildings of the future are more sustainable,” said Hengfang Li, Chairman and CEO of ReTo. “Access to JD’s vast user base of over 300 million customers means we can bring our eco-friendly innovations to more people than ever before. Tapping into JD’s advanced capabilities in AI and robotics will help further our development of ecofriendly building innovations.”

“Our research shows that customers are increasingly looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint and to live more sustainable lives”, said Lijun Xin, President of JD Home and Life. “This new partnership with ReTo, China’s definitive leader in environmentally friendly manufacturing, allows JD to add significantly to our selection of sustainable products and to further our overall sustainability goals.”

JD has been increasing the range sustainable products available on its platform. Last year, the total volume of green products available on JD increased by over 54% and the total volume of green purchases made on JD increased by 71%, contributing to 15% of total sales on the platform during the same period. In addition, JD has been consistently reducing its own operations’ impact on the environment, initiating a companywide switch to electric logistics vehicles earlier in the year, among a host of other initiatives.