Jun 19, 2024|

UEFA Euro 2024 and JD618 Grand Promotion: A Celebration of Football and International Flavors


As UEFA Euro 2024 kicks off, it coincides with the peak of the JD618 Grand Promotion on June 15th. To mark the occasion, nine diplomats and trade, commerce, and sports representatives from Austria, Belgium, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, the Czech Republic, and the U.K. have come together for a special JD video to celebrate and showcase their countries’ specialties to Chinese football fans.

European Delights for Football Fans

Nothing complements a football match like European wines and beers. Richard Baker, head of China at Scottish Development International (SDI), invites Chinese fans to enjoy the games with authentic Scotch whiskies or refreshing Scottish craft gin —perfect for the high-stakes moments of the matches.

Martina Mihalova, Economic & Trade Counselor at the Slovak Embassy in Beijing, recommends Slovakia’s celebrated noble wine and MATYSAK 100% grape juice, noting their sweet notes pair excellently with spicy Chinese dishes such as Sichuan cuisine. Similarly, Veronika Břízová, Political Diplomat from the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing, and Kiran Patel, Senior Director of the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), endorse their countries’ esteemed beers and premium food products.

For those enjoying late-night games, Didier Denayer, Economic and Commercial Counselor for the Walloon Region of the Belgian Embassy to China, suggests indulging in Belgium’s renowned chocolates and fries. From Spain, David Picazo, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Beijing, recommends a selection of hams, cheeses, and seafood as perfect accompaniments for cheering on the Spanish team. Marcin Motyka, Business Development Manager of the Polish Investment & Trade Agency, highlights snacks like crunchy pretzels, tasty pierogi, and gingerbread for an authentic Polish experience.

Dr. Michael Berger, Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy to China, suggests keeping energy levels high with Austria’s Red Bull and high-calcium milk during late-night matches. Marko Zorić, a former professional football player from Serbia who used to play in the Chinese Super League, encourages Chinese fans to enjoy Serbian coffee, fruit juices, jams, and more while supporting his home team.

JD.com: Bridging Cultures and Markets

More than 60 countries have opened nearly 140 country-themed online flagship stores on JD.com, known as “JD National Pavilions.” This initiative, supported by the respective embassies and authoritative organizations in China, offers an efficient way to introduce Chinese consumers to premium international goods.

Further enhancing its sourcing capabilities, JD.com’s cross-border import platform, JD Worldwide, established its first self-operated overseas warehouse in Paris this past January. This move ensures a direct supply of the latest European fashion items to Chinese consumers.

For fans eager to experience the European Championship firsthand, JD Travel offers a selection of match tickets, game-watching tours, exclusive trips to Europe, and travel products. Lucky consumers can also win generous European tour prizes.

As UEFA Euro 2024 unfolds alongside the JD618 Grand Promotion, JD.com stands at the intersection of sports and global commerce, bringing the excitement of the championship and the allure of international flavors to Chinese consumers. This unique blend of events not only elevates the viewing experience but also fosters deeper cultural connections, showcasing the best each country has to offer. With its innovative platforms and dedicated services, JD.com continues to build bridges between nations, celebrating the spirit of global unity and shared passions.