Apr 3, 2020|

Wall Street Journal Highlights JD Health’s Online Consultation


by Tracy Yang

An article entitled “Telemedicine, once a hard sell, can’t keep up with demand” was published by the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The article discussed the huge demand generated from COVID-19 for telemedicine and how various companies in the world, like Teladoc, Doctor on Demand and others tried their best to add doctors and bandwidth to meet the demand from users.

JD Health’s initiative to launch the online consulting services to connect Chinese doctors with 60 million overseas Chinese was highlighted in the article. It also mentioned that the doctors on the platform have first-hand experience in combating the coronavirus.

In JD Health’s eyes, the pandemic has sped up the adoption of telemedicine by Chinese consumers by five years. The article also mentioned that the telemedicine industry faces challenges such as government regulation, insurance and reimbursements and patients’ trust.