Apr 8, 2020|

BBC Praised JD Courier as a ‘Vital Lifeline’ during Wuhan’s Lockdown


by Martin Li

A  BBC report today on Wuhan lifting its lockdown said “delivery drivers became a vital lifeline” during the city’s lockdown, which ended on April 8.

The report highlighted the personal experience and perspective of Jia Shengzhi, head courier at JD’s Huangpu delivery station in Wuhan, who continued to deliver during the lockdown.

“During the past two months, almost no-one was on the streets,” Jia was quoted in the report. “We sometimes received phone calls from customers asking for help such as sending medicine to their ageing parents.”

Jia worried that such orders wouldn’t reach the customers in time if sent via the normal shipping methods.

“So, I rode on my scooter, went to the pharmacy, picked up the medicine and took it to his father,” he told the media.

Jia also encouraged all citizens to “continue protecting themselves by wearing masks, taking their temperatures, scanning the mobile health code apps, always washing hands and avoiding gatherings.”

For the full version of the BBC report: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-52197054