Sep 29, 2023| Unveils the Green Impact Partners Alliance, Marking a Bold Step Towards Sustainable Commerce


by Vivian Yang

On September 27, announced the establishment of the Green Impact Partners Alliance, a milestone in the company’s commitment to fostering sustainable commerce. The Alliance is an integral facet of JD’s ongoing Green Impact Initiative, an expansive commitment to offer environmentally friendly products on its platform.

Several high-profile fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands, including Breeze, OMO, and BABO, are among its inaugural members. The Alliance aims to foster collaboration and advocate for green products across three key fronts: efficient supply chain management, insightful consumer-to-manufacturer product design, and impactful marketing cooperation.

Under the banner of the Alliance, JD Super, the supermarket division of JD Retail, is embarking on a series of transformative partnerships:

  • JD Forest in Hainan: In collaboration with leading tissue paper manufacturer Breeze, is establishing JD Forest in Hainan, contributing to reforestation efforts.
  • JD Bamboo Forest in Sichuan: Partnering with bamboo pulp tissue manufacturer BABO, JD is creating dedicated bamboo forests in Sichuan, supporting sustainable bamboo production.
  • OMO Tree Planting Initiative: and detergent leader OMO are launching an initiative where every purchase of OMO laundry capsules triggers a one-yuan donation towards tree planting, fostering a virtuous cycle of environmental care.

To encourage environmentally conscious consumption, consumers who purchase these eco-friendly products will receive shopping rewards in their accounts based on their expenses, further incentivizing green choices in everyday shopping.

The Alliance was officially announced at an inauguration ceremony in Beijing, where Qu Feng, CEO of Golden Hongye Paper Group, the parent company of Breeze, Zhang Shuyi, Vice President of the Home Cleaning Division at Unilever China, and representatives from JD jointly reaffirmed their dedication to the shared cause.

Niu Yinghua, Vice President of and General Manager of the Cleaning, Personal Care, and Maternal and Baby Product Department at JD Retail, stated that nearly one hundred green products have been introduced through the Green Impact Partners Alliance so far. By 2024, the Alliance plans to welcome an additional 20 reputable brands from major FMCG categories, tripling the number of green-labeled product offerings.

The Alliance is poised to benefit from JD’s vast market insights and industry trends, ensuring a broader spectrum of sustainable consumer-to-manufacturer products in collaboration with brand partners. Furthermore, the Alliance partners are poised to co-develop numerous environment-centric marketing campaigns, driving a comprehensive push towards eco-friendly lifestyles.’s environmental stewardship has been evident since the launch of its “Green Stream Initiative” in 2017, a collaboration that saw JD Logistics partner with giants including Lego, Wyeth, Kimberly-Clark, and Unilever, focusing on carbon footprint reduction across multiple facets of the supply chain, from warehousing, packaging, and transportation to recycling and engaging over 300,000 companies and millions of consumers. This was further bolstered in 2020 with JD’s “Green Impact Initiative,” which saw partnerships with P&G, L’Oréal, PurCotton, Nestlé, and Abbott to boost sustainable consumption.

With its unwavering dedication to green advancements, is not just setting industry benchmarks but is also leading by example, steering a global shift toward sustainable