Apr 15, 2021|

3M Works with JD to Accelerate Digitalization


by Ling Cao

JD has worked with American industrial products giant 3M to accelerate its digital transformation. Deming Ding, general manager of JD Industrial Technology shared on April 15, “Sales of the 3M store surged since its opening, and the partnership has enabled both of our clients to enjoy one-stop procurement and training services.”

In September 2020, 3M opened a flagship store on the JD Industrial Technology e-commerce platform, a department under JD.com that specializes in industrial maintenance, repair and operations (“MRO”) products and services, and provides an intelligent purchasing platform and supply chain solutions for corporate customers.

3M’s online store on JD is aimed at providing enterprises with an efficient procurement channel for industrial products by combining 3M’s quality supplies and JD’s experience in e-commerce operations and understanding of enterprise consumers. Additionally, clients can arrange for onsite training from 3M’s professional engineers, resulting in improved operation efficiency, as part of 3M’s omni-channel business development plan. By working with JD, both parties connect 3M’s factories with brands’ authorized service centers across China, which enables clients to enjoy worry-free integrated services.

Boping Huang, e-commerce general manager for 3M’s safety and industrial products in the greater China region said, “The last two years has marked an important time for our industry, with new investment entering into the whole industry, and e-commerce infrastructure of industrial products becoming more and more comprehensive.”

One example of why Huang believes this is the industry’s increasing standardization. One of the challenges faced by the industry is a mass amount of non-standard row materials. To solve this issue, JD Industrial Technology has introduced a product pool, which uses JD’s AI and big data, and experience from leading brands such as 3M, so that clients can easily find and purchase specific products on JD. For instance, a very specialized screw.

Huang said, “3M will work with platforms including JD to accelerate the industry development, providing value for all clients.”