Dec 11, 2020|

600,000 Bottles of Feitian Moutai Available via JD


by Rachel Liu

600,000 bottles of classic 53% alcohol 500ml Feitian Moutai, one of the most popular baijiu brands in China, are available via JD through both online and offline channels, including JD’s SEVEN FRESH stores.

JD started to provide the product on Dec. 10. A certain amount of Feitian Moutai will be available everyday on the app of JD at 10:00am and SEVEN FRESH apps at 9:00 am. On Dec. 12, also known as the Double 12 promotion, around 100,000 bottles of Feitian Moutai will be available for sale.

Moutai’s distinguished flavor has made it one of the hottest-selling baijiu products in China. Only a limited amount is put on the market each year. Among popular Moutai products, such as 43% alcohol Moutai, Aged Moutai and more, 53% alcohol Feitian Moutai is the hardest to get. It has become a product for collection, not just consumption.

Given the popularity of Moutai baijiu in China, counterfeits and scalpers for Moutai are common in the market. JD has been putting a lot of effort into giving consumers peace of mind when shopping for Moutai, ever since cooperating with Moutai in 2014. For example, in 2017, JD launched an “anti-scalper” system for Moutai products. Leveraging big data to analyze customers’ browsing history, demographics, location, and occupation, the system can distinguish scalpers from real customers.

JD Logistics is in charge of the entire transportation process for Moutai, and makes sure the products are safely stored and delivered to customers. In 2018, JD also launched its blockchain traceability system for Moutai. When they receive Moutai products, customers can scan a QR code affixed to each bottle to see the entire journey of the product.