Aug 27, 2020|

A Beijinger Won Hairy Crab Voucher Auction for RMB 9999 Yuan on JD


by Ling Cao

On Chinese Valentine’s Day, Qixi, which falled on August 25th this year, one Beijing customer, Ms. Chen bought a voucher to purchase hairy crabs on’s auction platform, for RMB 9,999 yuan. The voucher was provided from JD’s TopCrab flagship store, and can be exchanged for ten top-of-the-line crabs, five male and five female, weighing over 3 kilograms in total, as well as accessories.

When the crabs are ready, Ms. Chen can enjoy delivery by air as well as personal chef service.

Chen said that the voucher isn’t intended as a gift. She bought it for her family as they love eating crabs and spend quite a lot of money on them each year, and it is hard to find good quality ones.

JD Fresh has also launched a series of preferential policies for customers of its hairy crabs. For example, weighing the crab without the ties, offering two live crabs in compensation for any dead one – the highest level refund in the industry, price protection through year-end, and more.

Ms. Chen added, “I buy different categories on JD, and I trust the service and quality. This is my first time to buy hairy crabs there, and I have no doubts about the service level. If the experience is good this time, I will consider to buy more fresh food on JD.”