May 21, 2020|

A Carnival Indeed: Sold 27,000 Tons of Fresh Products in a Week


by Yuchuan Wang’s Foodie’s Carnival online shopping event, which brought together 6,000+ global brands, offering over one million high-quality seasonal fresh products, concluded on May 17th. JD’s data shows that a total of 27,000 tons of fresh products were sold during the over one-week promotion. New users of JD Fresh,’s online fresh food business, also increased by 168% compared with the same period last year.

Chinese consumers are not only buying daily necessities but also looking for high quality produce. Shrimp, beef and ice cream were the top 3 categories bought by JD’s customers. Sales of 10 categories, including meat products, ice cream, dumplings, and pork increased over 200% year-on-year. During the promotion, more than 10 million eggs, 17 million crawfish, and 100 tons of imported fruits were sold.

Among JD’s customers under age 25, durian, lychee and blueberries are the top 3 best-selling fresh products. The younger generation is shown to pursue high quality and not be price sensitive.


4,531 tons of imported fresh food

JD Fresh’s sourcing team finds and procures overseas produce from over 50 countries. During the Foodie’s Carnival, JD successfully held special promotions for New Zealand fruit, Norwegian seafood and Southeast Asian fruit. As a result, a total of 4,531 tons of imported fresh food were sold through JD.

Sales volume of Zespri’s gift boxes and Thai durian increased 140% and 200% year-on-year respectively. Wuhan, the epicenter of COVID-19 in China, ranks fifth, following first tier cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen as the top cities to purchase imported fresh products, further indicating the comprehensive recovery of consumption in Wuhan following the lift of the lockdown last month.


JD Supply Chain Supports Farm-to-Table

During the promotion, there were over 3.3 million orders of products sold through JD’s National Fresh Produce Green Channel initiative aiming to aid farmers. JD’s flash sales and livestreaming tools are helping increase awareness of domestic agricultural products among Chinese consumers. Sales volume of apples from Yantai city increased 570% while sales volume of lychee from Hainan increased 113%, both on a yearly basis.