Nov 6, 2020|

AllianzJD Provided Insurance for Over 7 Million Products on First Day of Singles Day Grand Promotion


by Yuchuan Wang

AllianzJD, the joint venture between and Allianz, the European’s leading insurance firm is providing a series of insurance policies for JD consumers’ purchases during Singles Day. On November 1st, it provided worry-free “return shipping” insurance for 7.27 million products bought by consumers.

Consumers pay increasing attention to product quality as well as related value-added services. According to AllianzJD, buying insurance that provides full coverage of repairs and replacements has become a trend in developed markets. On November 1st, purchases of “full-warranty” insurances provided by AllianzJD increased 33% on a year-on-year basis.

AllianzJD is also offering 50% discounts on various life insurance products. Users aged between 18-50 can log into AllianzJD’s mini program on WeChat to redeem critical illness insurance free of charge.

From the merchant end, AllianzJD has increased the efficiency of integrating products with insurances by 50%.

Through continuous innovation and optimization of its offerings, AllianzJD is facilitating consumption upgrade as consumers embrace more high quality products and services.