Nov 6, 2020|

Ultra-fast Doorstep Delivery for Packages Large and Small, Thanks to JD Logistics


by Kelly Dawson

For many years, residents in northeast China struggled to find fresh vegetables during the long and cold winters. Ahead of the cold weather, it was common to hoard cabbage and other vegetables.

One resident of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang province, Mr. Zhao, recalled accompanying his father to the market to stock up on piles of cabbage, manually carrying the heavy load from the market and up the stairs of their apartment building.

Now, thanks to JD, Mr. Zhao’s family will never have to make that trip again—but old “hoarding” habits are hard to break. During JD’s Singles Day Grand Promotion (Nov. 1st to Nov. 11th) this year, Mr. Zhao helped his mother buy more than 100 kilograms of cabbage on

When the cabbage arrived, the JD courier brought the cabbage directly to the Zhao family home’s doorstep—and then went one step further in helping to place the cabbage on the balcony, where the family has always stored their “winter cabbage”.

Meanwhile, about 1400 kilometers away in Beijing, another customer was also enjoying the benefits of JD’s doorstep delivery. Xiao Jia has three dogs, and making sure they eat well is a top priority. During this year’s Singles Day period, Xiao bought 60 10-kilogram bags of dog food. As always, JD ensured that the heavy delivery was transported directly to Xiao’s doorstep.

As JD continues this year’s Singles Day Grand Promotion, the company’s in-house logistics network has been key to ensuring that customers can enjoy uninterrupted, smooth delivery despite the massive influx of orders. In fact, in some product categories customers can enjoy delivery in only minutes in almost 200 cities across China. One lucky customer received his package six minutes after completing his purchase in the early hours of November 1st.

As a baseline, JD aims to deliver almost all first party orders on the same or next day. During last year’s Singles Day promotion, the company achieved this standard for 92% of orders—and hopes to continue raising the bar.