Mar 19, 2021|

Aptamil Stages Hot Sales on JD Super Brand Day


by Rachel Liu

During a Super Brand Day launched by German maternal and baby brand Aptamil on JD on Mar. 17, sales reached RMB 34 million yuan, over 10 times higher than sales on ordinary days.

As more customers born in 1990 to 1995 are becoming parents, they are looking for more freedom in raising children. JD and Aptamil have been focusing on the needs of Gen Z parents, not only by providing them the most suitable products, but also by supporting scientific parenting methods.

Liya Tong, popular Chinese actress and brand ambassador of Aptamil, joined a livestream show on JD Live on the Super Brand Day, promoting the brand’s high-end infant milk powder products. Views of the live show surpassed 500,000.

“Through working with leading brands such as Aptamil, JD Worldwide is able to better meet customers’ demands on high-quality products,” said Yunpeng Wang, general manager of JD Worldwide. “The Super Brand Day is a new start of the cooperation between JD and Aptamil this year. We hope that we can work closely in the future to create more high-end and customized products.”

JD Worldwide, JD’s platform for imported products, is a long-time partner with Aptamil. During the past June 18 Grand Promotion, Aptamil was among the best-selling brands on JD Worldwide. During the past Singles Day, sales of Aptamil increased over 110% YOY in total on JD.