Nov 17, 2022|

Beer Products See Burgeoning Growth with JD Super


by Mengyang He’s omni-channel supermarket, JD Super, recently released its 2022 Singles’ Day Grand Promotion report for beer products, revealing over 50 percent year-on-year growth.

According to the report, craft beer and fruit beer both experienced burgeoning growth, as their transaction volumes rose by over 120 percent and 250 percent year-on-year respectively.

“By providing quality products and leading services in the industry, JD Super has already become the preferable channel for beer and wine lovers,” noted Da Lu, general manager of liquor and alcoholic beverages for JD FMCG omni-channel.

During the Singles’ Day Grand Promotion, sales of the American beer brand Budweiser led other brands, followed by Chinese brands Tsingtao from Shandong and Wusu from Xinjiang.

Tsingtao beer

In addition, JD Super provides consumers with different beer products based on sales data and consumption trends. Craft beer, in comparison with industrial beer, is fresher and has a richer taste, and it now represents the high-end beer market in China.

The report also indicates that fruit beer is often favored by female consumers, and Hoegaarden from Belgium showed a strong performance among all fruit beer products.