Nov 9, 2020|

Chinese National TV: JD Health Brings Convenience to Patients


by Hui Zhang

China’s National TV network CCTV on November 5th spoke highly of JD Health’s family doctor” telemedicine services program“, which is tailored to provide timely, consistent and comprehensive primary healthcare support for Chinese families.

Zhang Pu, a subscriber of the family doctor program, described how he has benefited from the service.

“My family members and I are not in good health, and we don’t have enough time to see a doctor offline,” he said during the interview. “Since I subscribed to the family doctor service, my family members can use it too. We find it convenient and effective to tackle our problems.”

The “family doctor” telemedicine services program was launched this August, and aims to serve over 50 million Chinese families in the next five years. Up to eight family members may share a “family doctor” service package which includes unlimited 24/7 online medical consultation support with immediate response from a general practitioner, medical consultation with experts within 48 hours, making face-to-face appointments with famous doctors from 3A hospitals (Chinese hospitals are classified into 3 tiers with tier three being the highest and each tier is further classified into A, B or C sub-tiers. 3A represents the top-tier hospital), getting constant and personalized health management advice and more.

“China is currently in the midst of building a network of general practice doctors,” said Fan Hui, general manager of JDH’s marketing department. “Generally Chinese people will still prefer to go to a specialist for any illness, so we are also in the process of figuring out how the Chinese family doctor system should be set up to meet the needs of consumers.”