Apr 20, 2020|

Chinese National TV Praises a Model JD courier for His Work in Wuhan


by Ling Cao

On April 18th, CCTV,the Chinese national television station, broadcasted JD courier Shun Li’s story, praising the couriers’ hard work for making the world  better. Shun Li has been working at Wuhan Jiangxia delivery station since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Li just married his wife during this year’s Chinese New Year and his wife is now six-months pregnant. On April 12th, Li requested a half-day off to accompany his wife to take wedding photos. Although he hadn’t had time to take care of his wife during the COVID-19 period, his wife fully supported him, and saying that the example he is setting is the best antenatal training for their unborn child.

To better protect his wife and family, Li has stayed away from home since the epidemic. He only saw his wife once during the period for her antenatal examination. Li went back to work on January 23rd, because he was living locally in Wuhan and the situation was bad during that time. Li told his wife,“ I need to go back to work now as I need to  deliver daily necessities for our customers.”

Packages to be delivered increased a lot during that period, and Li worried about the risk of getting infected by the coronavirus. He was hesitant but clear in his decision to continue to work because customers needed him.

Yun Zhou, Li’s wife, said she didn’t understand his decision at first, until Li told her a story. “One customer was giving birth to a child in hospital. Her husband called me and ask whether I can help to buy diapers, baby cream and other baby products as they’d bought them online but the delivery route was suspended due to the coronavirus.” Li immediately helped them make the purchase and send them to the hospital.” Said Li.

“I’m a pregnant woman as well. I can understand how worried the customer was at that time, and the importance of my husband’s work. I whisper to my child, ‘your dad is helping more people on the frontlines’” Zhou added.

CCTV News has praised JD couriers three times during the epidemic. Other broadcasts include a courier who continuously gave rides to medical personnel in Wuhan, and the head of a delivery station in Beijing who is leading the station to prioritize the delivery of medical supplies.