Apr 24, 2022|

City of Beijing and JD.com Join Hands to Promote Sports Industry


by Xiaoqian Han

The Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and JD.com will join hands to invest 100 million yuan each year from 2022 to 2025 to support citizens’ fitness and sports-related consumption activities. In addition, the two parties will collaborate to create a Beijing Digital Sports Service Platform to digitalize and visualize sports events and activities, as well as explore the creation of incentives and procedures to encourage more people to participate in sports activities.

The annual capital of 100 million yuan will be used to fund themed activities including offline sports activities, online sports events, sports venues subsidies, and the 8.8 Beijing Sports Consumption Festival, which falls on August 8 each year and has successfully held two previous sessions. During the activity last year, the sales turnover of JD.com’s sports products increased by 100 percent month on month.

This year, JD Sports will continue to support this festival by providing sports consumption coupons, promotional banners, and live broadcasts of sports competitions through brand marketing, consumption promotion, events management system, and smart stadium upgrades.

The two parties will jointly build the Beijing Digital Sports Service Platform, which will allow users to digitally enjoy Beijing’s sports events. This platform is well-suited to delivering more scientific digital services related to citizens’ fitness and sports activities.

JD.com will work with the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and other top sports companies to explore sports incentive mechanism rules, which will allow consumers to reward sports points for participating in the activities of sports fitness, venue reservations, training courses, and events. The Sports points can be exchanged for merchandise and services on JD Sports. This collaboration will boost the vitality of Beijing’s sports market and help the city’s sports industry upgrade more quickly.