Apr 25, 2022|

JD Health’s Support to Shanghai: Online Consultations, Medicine Supplies, Livestream Sharing, Donations and More


Vivian Yang

According to JD Health’s latest data released on April 22nd, as the COVID lockdown in Shanghai has continued this April, the company had been providing an average of over 7,000 Shanghai users with online healthcare consultations on a daily basis, with high demand concentrated on subjects of respiratory, dermatology, gynecology, cardiovascular, gastroenterology, etc.

JD Health has gone to great lengths in coordinating doctors both online and offline in order to provide people in Shanghai with 24/7 support on physical and mental health, medicine administration, and COVID prevention knowledge. Users having difficulty utilizing the App can call JD Health’s service hotline at 950619 for a free consultation.

JD Health’s online consultation pages

Renowned experts including Dr. Wang Guiqiang, director of the department of infectious diseases from Peking University First Hospital, and Professor Lin Jiangtao from the department of respiratory and critical care medicine of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, have been invited to JD Health’s livestream events this month to keep the public informed of professional and trustworthy expertise on the virus development and proper prevention and treatment measures. They answered a variety of queries, which was especially helpful for those who face high risks, such as elderly people and those with underlying diseases.

Professor Lin Jiangtao (left) and Dr. Wang Guiqiang shared COVID prevention knowledge via JD Health’s livesteam 

The company created a registration platform to collect medicine supply requests in affected areas to assist patients with chronic diseases in obtaining medications. As of April 20th, the platform had received over 80,000 help requests, with more than half of those validated requests being met, and additional logistics and coordination work is underway in collaboration with the local government and in accordance with the current COVID prevention policy in Shanghai to ensure adequate supplies of medicines and PPEs.

Donations of Sanjiu anti-virus oral solutions airlifted by JD Logistics to Shanghai 

On April 20th, JD Health and the Shenzhen-based medical and pharmaceutical business CR Sanjiu donated over 360,000 doses of Sanjiu anti-virus oral solutions, a TCM electuary, to Shanghai, which were airlifted by JD Logistics under a special taskforce. Earlier this month, JD Health teamed up with the Red Cross Society of China and Hainan-based pharmaceutical company Poly Pharm to provide RMB 430,000 worth of medicines to Shanghai General Hospital. The company has also donated 100,000 sets of Wondfo Health’s COVID antigen self-test kit to Shanghai’s frontline logistics workers.

JD couriers using COVID antigen self-test kit on the frontline 

To meet people’s various virus-prevention needs, JD Health created a specialized online portal to provide relevant products for consumers’ easy selection, such as clinical thermometers,  oximeters, home oxygenators, anti-virus kits, and more, which can be used in various situations at home, on the road, when experiencing minor symptoms, and so on.