Jan 22, 2021|

Customized Facemasks Become Hot Items on JD.com ahead of Chinese New Year


by Vivian Yang

Sales of Chinese New Year-themed facemasks are surging on JD.com. Relevant product keywords have been searched more than 1.26 million times on the platform since Jan. 20, which is the date marking the beginning of the New Year celebration on the lunar calendar.

Among the trendiest items are limited-edition facemasks of red and golden colors, imprinted with “2021”and featuring ox elements (as 2021 is the lunar year of the ox).

“Facemasks have now become a necessity in our life and many Chinese people wish to wear something to showcase an auspicious beginning of the new year,” said a spokesperson of JD Health. “These facemask products with customized designs nicely address customers’ desires.”

“I’m bored of wearing the blue and white facemasks every day,” commented a JD customer on a shopping page for a customized facemask. “The New Year edition comes right in time, and makes me feel happy and hopeful that the pandemic will be over soon.”

Other facemask products with customized and personalized patterns on JD.com range from animals and plants to known cartoon characters that are also widely welcomed by kids and their parents.

To ensure the safety of these customized mask products, merchants must submit all relevant quality control and certification documentations for JD’s review before the items are listed for online sales.