Mar 15, 2021|

Dr. Bowen Zhou: Promoting Industrial Intelligence and Digitalization via Trustworthy AI


by Ling Cao

“In the next ten years, we hope to become an enabler with our partners to promote the industrial intelligence and digitalization via Trustworthy AI,” Dr. Bowen Zhou, Chairman of JD Technology Committee shared during the virtual annual conference held by MIT CHIEF (MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum) on Mar. 12.

Dr. Zhou said, “Technological progress is the underlying driving force of industrial revolution.” He added that technology progress will continue to expand industries’ boundaries, and create new industries. “And vice versa –industry needs will promote technology development.”

Dr. Zhou shared examples from enterprise perspective. In China, enterprises pioneering in digital transformation (which is defined as in the past three years, new business revenues accounted for over 50% of its total revenues) have benefited an average revenue CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate)which is 5.5 times that of other enterprises.

Zhou explained that apart from operational efficiency improvements, people tend to overlook other benefits for digitalization, such as making the whole organization more agile and flexible, which creates huge growth potential.

Zhou also shared how JD has applied AI areas from in manufacturing to consumption, in order to connect and integrate the whole circulation process via technology. For example, JD is using AI in C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer), as well as to help with writing product introductions, marketing content and more for its e-commerce platform. In addition, JD is using AI for automated product quality inspection. The service is SaaS based, and allows manufacturers to pay for it on a scaling basis according to its effectiveness.

While digitalization for all industries are still in early stages, in face of the challenges, Zhou said: “JD is fully embracing Trustworthy AI. There are two aspects, one is solving technology challenges: robustness, reproducibility and explainability. Second is showing human social responsibility and value, ensuring fairness, value alignment and accountability.”

Founded in 2011, MIT-CHIEF is committed to promoting intellectual exchanges and collaborations between China and the United States in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.