Dec 28, 2020|

Dr. Kevin Lv Shared JD’s Vision in Southeast Asia on Deloitte’s Podcast


by Vivian Yang

Dr. Kevin Lv, head of Asia Pacific Business at, was invited to join the latest Deloitte “Future of Mobility” podcast series under the topic of “Digitizing the Movement of Goods: What Does It Take?” The program is now available on 10 podcast platforms.

Also joined by Audrey Cheong, Managing Director of Operations of FedEx Express, the two guest speakers discussed the state of mobility of goods in Southeast Asia and the steps organizations are taking to optimize service levels for efficient deliveries, and to keep up with innovations in the logistics sector.

As China’s largest retail company by revenue and one of the largest logistics service providers in the country, Dr. Lv expressed that JD wishes to leverage its logistics experience and R&D capacities to actively develop its international logistics network, especially in the Southeast Asian region.

Currently, JD has established two joint ventures, JD.ID in Indonesia and JD Central in Thailand, and will further expand business presence into Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines and more. Customers’ experience and system abilities are two key areas of emphasis that JD seeks to bring to customers and partners in this region, according to Lv.

Cheong noted in the program that Singapore and China are both hubs for cross-border deliveries. The two countries are actively adopting technological solutions to facilitate the movement of goods specific to market demands.

The growth of e-commerce is robust, especially amid COVID-19 this year. Both speakers anticipated that the logistics sector will undergo an accelerated industrialization and digitalization process in the coming five to ten years as companies strive to overcome challenges and to meet increasing demands. The integration of new forms of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, 5G and more will help the logistics industry to enhance operational efficiency, improve transparency and create more development opportunities for other businesses and SMEs.

As introduced by the podcast host Deeshraf Elias, Deloitte’s 2019 Innovation Report showed that the Southeast Asian digital economy is expected to exceed US$300 billion by 2025, with e-commerce in particular showing strong and persistent growth. Along with this growth, customers today have higher expectations for instant access to products.

Click this link to listen to more about how the two companies are leveraging innovative technologies like drones, automated sorting centers, digitalized inventory management, real-time parcel tracking sensors, contactless collect services, C2M (customer-to-manufacturer) collaboration and more to prepare for the future of mobility.