Dec 28, 2020|

JD Super and Safeguard Partner to Raise Awareness on Hand-washing Among Kids


by Kelly Dawson

JD’s online supermarket JD Super has joined hands with Safeguard, a brand selling antibacterial products under Procter & Gamble, to launch charity activities to raise awareness of proper hand-washing standards, install hand-washing stations and protect children’s health in mountainous areas across China.

The initiative was launched in response to a recent survey conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, which revealed that 9 out of 10 people in China are incorrectly washing their hands, a worrying statistic as the fight against COVID-19 continues. The project aims to reach 100 million people by 2025.

Zhong Nanshan, a renowned epidemiologist and one of TIME’s list of 100 most influential people of 2020 for his efforts in combatting COVID-19, said of the initiative: “I support Safeguard’s health education and public welfare campaign, and call on more consumers to participate to jointly contribute to China’s health education.”

So far, Safeguard has already installed 957 hand-washing and hand-sanitizing stations in 248 schools in 10 provinces including Anhui, Gansu, Liaoning and others, benefiting approximately 110,000 children.

In a new phase of the project, customers who purchased Safeguard products through JD Super online on Christmas day, December 25th, will be eligible to apply for a position on one of Safeguard’s upcoming volunteer missions to mountainous areas, for the chance to experience first-hand the fulfillment of giving back to rural communities. Participants will work closely with children in local communities, raising awareness of hand-washing standards while traveling to more remote areas.

Additionally, customers who searched for “Safeguard” products on the JD Super store between December 23-25 were given the option to apply for certification to become a “Health Delivery Ambassador” for Safeguard, guaranteeing hand-washing facilities for one child per application.

Safeguard will continue its efforts to reach 100 million people over the next four years.