Apr 28, 2021|

Gartner Data: JD Cloud among Top 5 IaaS Providers in China


by Ella Kidron

According to Gartner data from this month on the 2020 IaaS (infrastructure as a service) market, JD.com’s cloud business (referred to as JD Cloud or JDC below) is ranked fifth in China and is among the top 10 cloud providers globally. Based on the data, the global IaaS market grew 40.7% YOY in 2020 to US$ 64.86 billion. JDC has a 6.4% market share in China.

“JD’s ranking among the top five IaaS cloud manufacturers in China is full recognition of its service capabilities by third party organizations,” said Liqiang Gao, vice president of JD.com and president of the cloud business group under JD Technology (JDT).

Gao added that in the future, JDC will rely on JD’s accumulated supply chain and industry experience, continue to strengthen technological research and development, enrich products and solutions, provide customers with more reliable computing services and fully take advantage of JDC’s position as the cloud provider most knowledgeable about industry and smart industrial digitalization.

JDC is quickly becoming a popular choice among government and enterprise customers in China. On Apr. 25, JDC was shortlisted on the 2020 cloud computing service procurement catalogue of the organs of the central government.

As one of the most thoroughly containerized cloud platforms in the world, JD Cloud has the largest Docker and Kubernetes clusters in the world, able to support the successful completion of the company’s massive 618(Jun. 18) and Singles Day (Nov. 11) Grand Promotion.

JD Cloud has provided digital solutions to more than 1.2 million small and medium-sized enterprises as well as complex solutions for major industrial customers such as Dada Group, a long-time partner and now part of JD.com. In the finance industry, JD Cloud has provided digitalization solutions for over 780 financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and securities companies.