Jan 29, 2022|

Georgian Ambassador Delivers Wine Package and Joins Beijinger’s New Year’s Eve party


by Yiming Yan

One tranquil evening in Beijing, Mr. Zhu’s family and friends were surprised by an unexpected guest at his home. With a package of brandy ordered by Mr. Zhu in hand, Georgian Ambassador Archil Kalandia was invited immediately to join the ongoing New Year’s Eve party.

Ambassadors to China from 9 countries including Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka, along with Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, the Italian Trade Commissioner who represented the Italian ambassador, operated as temporary couriers to deliver orders of specialty products from these countries. These novice couriers were also given the title of Chief Promoting officers.

Georgian Ambassador Archil Kalandia(left) with the courier

Mr. Zhu, who received the delivery, is a keen fan of Georgia. He has visited the lovely nation and owns a large collection of Georgian wine. Zhu purchased the brandy on a whim for tonight’s New Year’s feast with his buddies, and the ambassador’s unexpected appearance only added to his joy, he said. The ambassador accepted the invitation and gladly joined the banquet, joining everyone in tasting the Georgian wine he had just delivered.

The ambassador introduced the Georgian wine’s 8000 years of lengthy history and the country’s fascinating wine culture to the attendees. Ambassador Kalandia happily combined the Georgian toast of “Gaumarjos,” ( means “Cheers”) and Chinese “Ganbei”(bottoms up) to a “new” word “Ganbeijos”, and after a peal of bursting laughter in the room, everyone finished the wine in their glass.\

Ambassador Archil Kalandia(middle) introducing Georgian wine culture

“Thanks to JD.com, more consumers have the opportunity to taste Georgian wine,” the ambassador said. The ambassador has been in China for 11 years and is pleased to see the pride of his homeland gaining more popularity in China. In 2021, sales of Georgian national wine on JD.com increased by 200 percent YOY.

Georgia hopes to ride on the “Belt and Road” economic express and deepen cooperation with China, Ambassador Kalandia said, noting that the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Georgia and China will be in 2022. Georgia plans to increase the annual export volume of Georgian wine to China by 50% to 12 million bottles in the next two years.