Jan 28, 2022|

Moldovan Ambassador Delivers Special Products to Chinese Consumer in Celebration of the New Year of Tiger


by Xiaoqian Han

Ahead of the Spring Festival, Mr. Li Xiaobai, a marathon runner with national fame in China and also a JD.com customer, unexpectedly received New Year’s greetings from the Moldovan ambassador H.E. Dumitru Braghis along with previously ordered Moldova wine from JD.com.

This month, JD.com invited nine ambassadors from Argentina, Chile, Denmark, Georgia, Malaysia, Moldova, Peru, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka to become honorary “Chief Promoting Officers” and deliver the specialties of their respective home countries to Chinese consumers. The Moldovan ambassador personally delivered Moldova’s red wine to Li, who had previously ordered the item on JD.com.

“Before I came to China, I didn’t know that e-commerce is so developed here in China,” Moldovan ambassador noted. “I’m very proud JD.com has a Moldovan wine shop where you can buy Moldovan products.” Back in December 2019, Moldova established a national pavilion on JD.com, through which Chinese consumers can learn about and purchases Moldovan red wine.

Moldovan ambassador H.E. Dumitru Braghis delivers a bottle of Moldovan wine to the JD.com consumer Mr. Li Xiaobai

Moldova has the largest underground wine cellar with a total length of more than 200 kilometers, and a 10KM running race had been held in this underground cellar. Li is the first among Chinese marathoners to complete “777 “(running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 consecutive days), and he is now planning to develop the 10KM event in Moldova to the first underground marathon in the world. “By doing this, I believe it will greatly enhance the popularity of Moldova wine among Chinese customers,” Li remarked. “I hope we will make it happen as soon as the pandemic is over.”

As an expert who has run marathon events all over the world, Li mentioned, “I always hoped that one day a marathon competition could be held in the underground wine cellars of Moldova,” He and the ambassador look forward to realizing this international marathon in the future.

With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers’ requirements for the quality and variety of commodities, JD.com’s purchases of imported goods have exceeded RMB 310 billion yuan in the past two years.