Dec 21, 2021|

Givenchy Launches Online Boutique Through JD App


by Yiming Yan and Siyi Zhao

In collaboration with, Givenchy has launched a customized online boutique on Dec.15 in the form of a mini-program, which can be re-directed by typing “Givenchy clothing” or “Givenchy bags” on JD’s app. This is the first time Givenchy has collaborated with a Chinese e-commerce retailer.

For this collaboration, Givenchy is debuting a limited-edition 2022 Chinese New Year collection. Inspired by the Chinese Lunar New Year of Tiger, Givenchy has created new items in black, white, and red along with the iconic metallic 4G locking clasp, blending its pioneering attitude and a festive flair for the New Year.

Apart from Givenchy, over 300 brands including Dior, DELVAUX, and TAG Heuer will launch over 200 new products to enhance the choice of Christmas and New Year’s gifts for consumers as part of the JD Luxury Festival that started on Dec. 17.

More than 300 brands have already launched flagship stores on JD through multiple customized and digitalized collaboration formats. Following LV, more and more brands, such as BVLGARI, Dior, LOEWE, Givenchy have partnered with JD through the model customized by JD. Currently, most of the LVMH brands are in JD’s pipeline.

Known worldwide for its unique style of haute couture and accessories, Givenchy was founded in 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy. Later in 2020, creative director Matthew M. Williams joined GIVENCHY, bringing an independent and strong design style to the brand, conveying a spontaneous and unrestrained fashion attitude.