Feb 26, 2021|

“Hoarding Clouds” Becomes a New Fashion of Chinese SMEs


by Vivian Yang

JD Cloud kicked off its spring promotion on Feb. 25, to offer cloud-based products and services at prices as low as 86% off. The promotion will last for a month until Mar. 31, coinciding with the prime time when small and medium enterprises plan their new year cloud deployment.

“Just like people hoard baby diapers, we are now hoarding the clouds,” said Qixiao Lin, a manager of a small retail company. “Now we can find good deals to prepare the resources.  I took in 5 times the public cloud resources as in the previous year during the promotion.”

Business demand for cloud resources are growing steadily on the Chinese market. For individuals and SMEs who do not have the ability and budget to build their private clouds, public cloud computing services are their ideal solutions.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Yuanzhe Zhang’s online education company saw explosive growth in 2020 and their IT infrastructure under Zhang’s supervision underwent huge pressure overnight. Zhang was glad that the public cloud services he had prepared are highly flexible, helping him sail through this user surge. Zhang took advantage of the current promotion to book more than RMB 200,000-yuan worth of cloud resources in case of a rainy day in the future.

“Public clouds have become the water and electricity for the development of many SMEs,” said a representative of JD Cloud. “It will save them about 30% to make the purchase during the March promotion.”

JD Cloud provides cutting-edge scientific and technological capabilities in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Their ability has been repeatedly tested in China’s super shopping festivals, and can be customized to serve a variety of business needs.