Dec 17, 2020|

Household Products Witness Sales Growth on JD during 12.12 Campaign


by Hui Zhang

Household products saw strong sales growth on during the latest Double 12 Shopping Festival (Dec.1-12), with warmth-related, festive decorations, and smart household products topping the list.

As cold wave is sweeping across China, anything that brings extra warmth is highly welcomed by consumers. According to JD’s data, sales of pressure cookers increased by over 200% YOY and bath barrels increased by 150% YOY on Dec. 12. From Dec. 10-12, sales of beanbags, functional sofas, and cloth sofas increased by 110%, 800% and 300% YOY respectively. Silk quilts, wool quilts, electronic blanket increased by nearly 100% YOY, and sales of mattress increased by 120%. Sales of Chinese leading mattress brand De Rucci’s spring latex mattress increased by 30 times YOY and Thailand’s leading bedding manufacturer Paratex’s spring mattress increased by 100% YOY.

Ahead of Christmas, sales of festive decorations increased by over 100% from Dec.1-12. A total of 10,000 Christmas trees of various sizes were sold on Dec. 12 alone.

In addition to festive decoration products, smart household products have been favored by young consumers born after 1990. According to JD’s data, over 60% of the consumers of smart household products are in this age group. Smart toilets are the top product in this cateogry. The number of Panasonic smart toilet seat sold surpassed a million within only one minute on Dec.12.

“JD has become a destination for household products thanks to its guarantee of high-quality and its effective logistics services which make it easy for consumers to install [products] after purchasing online,” said a merchandising manager from JD Home and Lifestyle.