Dec 9, 2020|

Indonesian Ambassador to China Visits JD Headquarters in Beijing


by Martin Li

Indonesian ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun expressed hope that could bring more local products from Indonesia to China via its e-commerce platform during his first visit to JD’s headquarters in Beijing on December 9.

Oratmangun shared his top 5 product recommendations from Indonesia: bird’s nest, coffee, food and beverage, furniture, and artworks like batik.

“I hope there will be more Indonesian products sold on JD’s platform,” Oratmangun said to Yan Xiaobing, senior VP of JD and president of JD International Business.

Indonesian ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun (L) shakes hand with Yan Xiaobing (R) , senior VP of JD and president of JD International Business

JD now operates an e-commerce joint venture JD.ID in Indonesia, which is committed to “DijaminOri,” which means “authentic products” in Indonesian.

In response, Yan said JD.ID would enhance cooperation with local government and enterprises in Indonesia to introduce more quality Indonesian products to China.

Oratmangun also expressed his optimism about the development of JD.ID, saying its commitment is very ‘local’ in Indonesia.

“Each time I went back to Jakarta I could see JD.ID’s advertisements on the street,” he said.

JD.ID’s CSR efforts are also a reason to believe in the company’s growth potential, Oratmangun said.

During the pandemic, JD.ID has been involved in diversified programs to help fight against COVID-19, including ensuring supply of daily necessity without hiking up prices, helping the government purchase medical supplies from China and joining donations to hospitals.

“Since the first day we established JD.ID, we wanted to make it a local company,” said Yan.

“We hope to bring JD’s experience and technologies to Indonesia, helping foster local e-commerce talents,” Yan added.

Yan also mentioned that what differentiates JD.ID from other e-commerce players in Indonesia is its focus on building infrastructure, rather than pursuing short-term interests.

“We are pursuing a stable and healthy development in Indonesia,” said Yan.

The e-commerce industry in Indonesia is still at a beginning stage, where there is a very strong offline retail industry. JD hopes to create a new model integrating online and offline business, according to Yan.