Sep 21, 2022|

iPhone 14 on Sale through Omni-channel Retail of


by Doris Liu

Apple’s iPhone 14 is now available through’s omni-channel platforms, with the on-demand retail platforms of JD Daojia (JDDJ) and Shop Now selling over RMB 200 million yuan in the first six hours starting from 8am (BJT) on September 16.

One customer in Beijing, who placed an order on JDDJ, the only on-demand retail platform for Apple’s pre-sale in China, received iPhone 14 within only 10 minutes after sales officially began. There are now more than 2,600 authorized Apple franchise stores on JDDJ and Shop Now, covering some 1,700 Chinese counties and cities with almost 50 dealers.

Customers of the digital Apple flagship store on, one of the core retail channels to purchase smart phones in China, have access to many benefits that ensure the online shopping experience and services, including up to RMB 400 yuan subsidies for trade-ins, 90-day replacement without repair, and one-hour delivery.

The online store’s premium membership, A+, doubles the existing trade-in allowance to up to RMB 800 yuan, and upgrades services to 365-day replacement without repair, 50 percent off for the original screen/battery repair and more for purchasing the latest iPhone 14 series.

Physical stores including the recently opened Ehome in Beijing, an Apple Premium Reseller (APR) store operated by, and the largest JD MALL in Shenyang, Liaoning province, were also in full swing, welcoming consumers to see, touch and try products before making purchases, complementary to the existing online retailing business. has been exploring and expanding its omni-channel layout across China to establish around-the-clock shopping experiences with premium services, which not only provide convenience to consumers, but are also conducive to the revival of the real economy.