May 2, 2018|

JD Accelerates Push into Open Source with Cloud Native Computing Foundation Membership

Every day, China’s largest retailer and leading global technology company,, is required to process a staggering amount of data to ensure that its nearly 300 million customers have the best, most efficient and convenient experience possible. In order to achieve this, JD leverages Kubernetes®, one of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s (CNCF) flagship projects. Now the company aims to not only further develop these technologies, but also to work hand-in-hand with the CNCF to chart the direction of the overall industry. This is why JD has joined the CNCF.

JD runs one of the largest Kubernetes clusters in production in the world. A few years ago, the company rolled out containerized infrastructure. When clusters grew from 5,000 to 150,000 containers, JD shifted from OpenStack to Kubernetes. The move, named JDOS 2.0, involved separating JD’s application and infrastructure layers by deploying a DevOps stack on Kubernetes that includes GitLab, Jenkins, Logstash, Harbor, Elasticsearch and Prometheus. Apart from leveraging Kubernetes, JD is currently working on its own open source projects and plans to contribute its immense expertise and resources to empower others in the community.

As part of JD’s commitment to the CNCF, Haifeng Liu, Chief Architect and Vice President at, has joined the CNCF’s Governing Board alongside the likes of companies including Amazon Web Services, SAP, Microsoft Azure and Samsung SDS, among others. The group is responsible for providing recommendations about the future direction of the CNCF. Liu is also a member of the CNCF’s End User Community, which meets monthly to discuss key challenges, emerging use cases and new opportunities for cloud native technologies.

Liu said, “We’re in this to provide our customers with an unrivaled experience. In order to do that, we rely heavily on innovative technology in areas like container-based infrastructure, AI and big data. Joining the CNCF gives us a huge leg up in charting the future of cloud native projects that are critical to our business and can also enable us to empower our partners and realize our Retail as a Service vision.”

“It’s great to see invest and engage in collaborative development by joining CNCF at the highest level possible as our first end user Platinum member,” said Dan Kohn, Executive Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. “Chinese companies like are at the forefront of retail innovation in part because of their success with cloud native computing. Containers and technologies like Kubernetes allow JD to optimize purchase data, develop an agile supply chain, deliver new products quickly and scale when necessary.”