Sep 18, 2020|

JD and Kimberly-Clark to Develop New Supplies Solution for the Workplace


by Ella Kidron

JD MRO, the maintenance, repair and operations business under and Kimberly-Clark Professional, the workplace solutions provider under Kimberly-Clark, announced plans to deepen their partnership. The new partnership will find the parties taking a long term approach to providing cleaning products and protective supplies solutions for enterprises across multiple scenarios. It was announced at the ongoing 22nd China International Industry Fair (CIIF) in Shanghai.

At the beginning of 2020, facing a shortage of protective supplies and supply chain disruptions, leading American personal care corporation, Kimberly-Clark played an important role in realizing the “Safe Return to Work Guarantee Plan” launched by JD MRO and partners. The plan served over a total of 1.31 million customers from a range of industries, helping them to get back to work and implement the necessary measures to protect workers from COVID-19. Leveraging its supply chain advantages JD was able to provide a total of 9.8 million items of supplies such as medical masks, personal protective equipment (PPE), safety goggles and more.

Kimberly-Clark Professional leveraged its global supply chain to provide more than 8 million items of products such as hand sanitizer, PPE, cleaning towels, gloves and  safety goggles to JD MRO, to support large enterprises like the China Academy of Engineering Physics  and SANLI (东方电气) get back to work safely. Kimberly-Clark professional also supported JD donate to 100,000 items of cleaning supplies to the Wuhan railway bureau, Wuhan airport and other public transportation and service units.

Wu Bei, general manager of Kimberly-Clark Professional China, said “In the stage of normalized epidemic prevention and control, doing a good job in enterprises cleaning and prevention and control not only helps fight the epidemic but also protects the economy. He added that Kimberly-Clark will continue to deepen its cooperation with JD MRO and take an integrated approach covering production to consumption to provide cleaning and protective services for more enterprises.

JD and Kimberly-Clark plan to develop or upgrade enterprise epidemic prevention and control solutions based on data and openness. Leveraging both parties’ accumulated experience in this space, the two companies plan to implement their solutions in more enterprise cleaning scenarios, such as a contactless bathroom, one stop laboratory for cleaning and protective supplies and more.

Even as epidemic prevention and control reaches a stage of normalization in China, COVID-19 has drastically changed people’s hygiene habits. For example, people have gone from washing their hands just three times per day to more than 10 times per day. As such, the demand for cleaning and protective supplies, particularly in the workplace remains high.