May 10, 2021|

JD and Partners Discuss Pan-Entertainment Marketing at Hainan Expo


by Ella Kidron

On May 7, JD Worldwide and the China Customs Media Center collectively hosted forum with the theme “The Future of Imports and the Role of E-commerce” at the first China International Consumer Expo (Hainan Expo) in Haikou, Hainan province.

Partners of JD Worldwide, including Yi Zheng, president of modeling agency esee, Jiannan Zeng CFO of media company H&R Century PICTURES Co., Ltd (欢瑞世纪) and Rebecca Wang, president of e-commerce business for Nestlé China were on the panel which was moderated by JD Worldwide head of brand marketing Xueying Shi.

During the forum, representatives discussed developments in pan-entertainment marketing, and how brands, marketing companies and platforms like and JD Worldwide can work together to further develop the sector.

From left to right: Xueying Shi of JD Worldwide; Yi Zheng of esee; Jiannan Zeng of H&R Century PICTURES Co. Ltd.; and Rebecca Wang of Nestlé China

One of the trends discussed is that brands’ product to market time is shortening in response to rapidly changing consumer demands. Wang explained that the starting point for all consumer products is consumer demand. Catering to consumer demand is part of the reason for shrinking the product “bring-to-market” lifecycle from 12-18 months to 6-9 months. This also means getting ahead of consumer demand. Wang cited the example of plant meat and other plant-based food products, which are burgeoning in popularity in China as consumers place more emphasis on their health and wellness.

Another example is adult milk powder, which is moving from a focus on full-fat, low-fat, and skim to entirely different formulas to cover specific functionalities addressing osteoporosis, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, and more, in response to China’s rapidly aging population.

One of the keys to successfully bringing a hit product to market is rapid customer feedback. Platforms like JD are able to provide brands with immediate feedback on product performance, which also goes into informing how the product should be tailored or iterated on.

Finally, interaction between customer and brand is getting more attention. While Zheng spoke about how models can get involved in livestream e-commerce which also ties the brand closer to consumers who are fans of the model. This is beneficial for modeling agencies, helping them address the fact that models may not be fully occupied every minute of each day, providing additional revenue streams. On the other hand, Zeng of H&R explained that working with international brands and connecting them with popular IP serves to appeal directly to consumers, especially young consumers.

Shi from JD Worldwide spoke to the emergence of a relatively new pan-entertainment marketing model which uses the medium of celebrities and other talent to shorten the distance between brands and customers, while also being able to provide timely feedback customer feedback to brands leveraging platforms like JD Worldwide, helping address some supply chain bottlenecks and better grasp consumer trends.

JD Worldwide also released a trends report on imports consumption in China at the event.