Jun 11, 2021|

JD and Walmart Launch Omini-channel Marketing Model


by Vivian Yang

JD.com and Walmart launched their new omni-channel marketing model “Jing-Wo New Initiative” on June 7.

“Jing” refers to JD.com’s Chinese name “Jing Dong,” “Wo” is for Walmart in Chinese, and “New” represents the newly released products that will participate in this cooperation.

Based on this new marketing collaboration model, JD will make full use of its strength in omni-channel and supply chain middle platform to help brands integrate product launching resources across all channels, expanding new products’ touch points and exposure among customers; and helping customers enjoy the latest product offerings in a more convenient manner.

Walmart will leverage its 400+ stores across the country, its online stores including several Walmart’s flagship stores in first-party and third-party modes and its official overseas stores on JD and its mini programs to support the marketing campaign.

“The new initiative is an inevitable strategy for all retailers, brands and retail distributors who take an omni-channel approach,” said Carol Fung, vice president of JD.com and president of JD FMCG Omni-channel. “It can greatly help brands to incubate new products, identify their core customers and broaden the incremental market for more sales opportunities.”

Shiyuedaotian (十月稻田), a famous domestic rice grower and seller, became the first brand to join this initiative. Through the collaboration, the brand’s new customized rice product, which is co-branded with a popular Chinese TV series Country Love, simultaneously hit the market on all platforms including JD’s main site, other JD’s online selling platforms and JD’s dedicated site for new products, all of which count over 500 million active users, as well as all of Walmart’s online and offline channels.