Jun 11, 2021|

JD Health Launches Online Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Center


by Hui Zhang

JD Health announced to partner with Contract Research Organization (CRO) and other pharmaceutical companies on Wednesday (June 10) in Beijing to launch an online clinical trial patient recruitment center to further accelerate the process of new drugs approving and marketing, and make it convenient for patients to find clinical trial projects online both quickly and precisely.

CRO is an organization contracted by companies to take the lead in managing each company’s trials and complex medical testing responsibilities.

As an important part of the new drug development process, clinical trials are the most funded phase. Patient recruitment is the most critical, time-consuming and expensive step in the entire clinical trial process. Traditionally, offline recruitment organizations usually dispatch their employees to various cities, hospitals, and clinics to reach out to their target patients. The whole process is time-consuming and expensive.

The new center will be committed to providing digital solutions for CRO and pharmaceutical companies to connect doctors and patients effectively. Through the platform, Phase I, II and III clinical trials of drugs can be opened to subjects online. Specialized project management simplifies the recruitment process and can quickly improve the enrollment speed of patients. Meanwhile, through big data technology, the platform can compare clinical trial requirements with disease mapping around the world, thus improving recruitment efficiency.

In addition to simplifying the recruitment process and shortening the recruitment time, JD Health will also rely on its own “Internet + healthcare” service capabilities to support the promotion of clinical trial patient recruitment projects. JD Health will not only cooperate in the clinical trial stage, but also participate in the pre-marketing process and seek in-depth cooperation with pharmaceutical companies.

For a large number of patients in urgent need of treatment, the advantage of participating in clinical trials is not only to “cure” but also to “save money.” The information provided by the online center will help patients with drug needs to find new drugs quickly and reduce their financial pressure to a certain extent. Patients in the trial who are in the comparison group without taking the trail medicine can also receive the existing standard therapies for free.

“Together with CRO and pharmaceutical companies, JD Health will participate in the clinical trial of new drugs with the synergy of multiple parties, which will also help accelerate the launch of more innovative drugs. At the same time, JD Health’s health management services will also be effective in the clinical trial cooperation,” said a representative from JD Health’s pharmaceutical business.