Mar 28, 2023|

JD Announces “One-Stop Shopping for Home Products and Appliances”


by Yuchuan Wang

On March 21, JD Retail announced “one-stop shopping for home products and appliances” and relevant plans for home appliances. It also announced that JD Home Appliance will stock RMB 100 billion worth of goods for the 20th 618 Grand Promotion this year, with bulky order purchase target of 5 million units.

From 2012 to 2022, with the transition of sales channels, from offline to online to omni-channel, China’s home appliance industry developed new business models while maintaining healthy and rapid development. The industry continued to grow in 2022 and generated revenue of RMB 1.75 trillion, with a year-on-year growth rate of 19.9%. Additionally, Chinese home appliance brands also achieved great success in international markets, while creating new jobs and making innovations in brand and technology.

Despite this growth, the industry continues to face challenges, as well, including rising real estate costs, global supply chain issues, and product and innovation homogenization.

To continue to build momentum and address these challenges, JD Home Appliance is unveiling a new approach of “persistence and change”. It includes being persistent in putting customers first and upgrading services, retail-driven, healthy and sustainable development, upgrading product offerings, making structural breakthroughs, developing omni-channel and establishing an industry ecosystem, enhancing cost and efficiency, and achieving win-win outcomes with partners.

The approach also includes changes in promoting a product stratification initiative for both structural and low-priced products, accelerating sales and growth of new and trending products, improving pricing capabilities to ensure fair prices, upgrading the trade-in service to fully stimulate user demand, accelerating omni-channel layout, and expanding the marketplace business (POP platform) to create an open platform for businesses to achieve sustained profits and steady growth.

JD Home Appliance is working with partners to enhance customer experience and boost sales of new products through innovative actions such as the launch of JD Mall and trade-in services. It is also expanding to new areas, such as the lower-tier market, which offers significant potential for growth of home appliance brands. According to Yi Xiao, president of washing machine business unit of Midea, China has approximately 490 million families and daily consumption of home appliance mainly comes from 200 million of them. That means there is an untapped market of nearly 300 million to be served.