Feb 10, 2021|

JD Awards Vans for 10 Couriers as Year-end Bonus


by Yuchuan Wang

In recognition of frontline couriers, JD has awarded a special year-end bonus to over 10 couriers in China, with Wuling Sunshine (五菱之光) vans, ahead of the Chinese New Year holiday. The special bonus is to honor those couriers who have collected the most third party orders in the second half of 2020.

On Feb. 9, Junkui Zhu, a JD courier from Xi’an received the van. The delivery station where Zhu works is located near a wholesale market, selling glasses and watches. Every day around 5 pm is the busiest for Zhu to collect merchants’ orders, he has nearly 100 clients in this area. “They just need to give me their goods and they don’t need to worry about the logistics, and can rest assured,” said Zhu.

Junkui Zhu, JD Courier, Xi’an

Wenjun Liu is another courier that received a van. He works in a JD delivery station in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, which is China’s largest woolen sweater manufacturing base. Liu has decided to use the van to expand his order collection business. “Each courier can be an entrepreneur. As long as I choose the right path and make the right effort, I’ll succeed.”

Marking the ninth consecutive year providing nonstop delivery during the Chinese New Year holiday, JD will provide RMB 200 million yuan subsidies for frontline employees such as couriers and warehouse staff working during the holiday. This year, JD has also expanded its CNY delivery policy such that customers in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, nearly 300 cities and 1,500 counties and districts can receive orders during the holiday as fast as usual.