Feb 9, 2021|

JD Books Enriches Library Resources for Universities


by Vivian Yang

JD Books unveiled the top 10 bestsellers of books among university students ordered through JD’s library procurement platform on Feb 8. The top three bestsellers are the Chinese versions of:

  • Vision, by Jun Wu
  • Young People, Read Karl Marx, by Tatsuru Uchida and Yasuhiro Ishikawa (内田树, 石川康宏)
  • Seeing the World, by Fu Ying

The digital platform provides an innovative way for university libraries to manage book procurement and better serve the diversified reading needs of students at the same time.

Students from universities that are already equipped with the platform can easily select books on JD Books, the book-selling platform on JD.com, after getting permission from their universities, which pay for the book orders. Then, students can request the books to be delivered directly to their addresses – even when they are studying at home on vacation – and after each books were returned to the libraries, the books will be cataloged for future  checkout.

“JD Books’ procurement platform aims to offer up-to-date and comprehensive reading choices to students by being a cloud-based resource for university libraries,” said a spokesperson of JD Books.

Since its launch at the end of 2019, the platform has now been adopted by over 20 Chinese universities, with a dozen more university libraries to be connected in the near future. According to JD Books’ plan, about 100 universities in China will benefit from this platform in 2021.

Chongqing University is the first user of the platform. Its library procured nearly 10,000 books via the platform in 2020. Xinya Yang, the head librarian of the university, noted that the platform has created a pioneering book procurement model for the university which enables “freedom of reading” for the students, including reducing their waiting time in the traditional book procurement process, and makes their library operation more efficient, intelligent and convenient.

Content-wise, literary books are the most popular category and books about self-improvement, growth, and business management are the second most popular.

Among the Top 100 books bought on JD’s library procurement platform, literary books account for 30%, especially novels. The Japanese mystery novel writer Higashino Keigo (东野圭吾) had six books shortlisted in the Top 100.

“Sixty-seven bestsellers on the list were published between 2018-2020, making up two thirds of the top 100 books, which shows that students are eager to grasp the most updated knowledge and latest information,” added the spokesperson.